Man and Van fun.

Although not great at languages it is however one of my favourite subjects.
While moving a Polish person i learned that the word “Brother” in Polish
is “Brat” which to me growing up would be quite apt.I was also cheered to
inform a Russian person a day earlier that the word “hooligan” is the same
in Russia.Something to do with when Russia and Britain were brat

Photo-My brother,brat and hooligan but he turned out ok in the end.

Van repair in Watford

After the van broke down i got WMS to pick it up from Croxley.Was informed at each stage what was wrong and what my options were.Seems a belt had slipped and broken a few internal parts.
Repair came in at an eye watering £1500.timing belt






On the plus side,while replacing all the parts they fixed two minor oil leaks and diagnosed where my water leak was coming from(£5 fix).WMS are based down Riverside Rd WD19