Watford house clearance

For two men and our Luton van in Watford or Rickmansworth we charge £330 for one van load or 900kg. We will bring your old furniture from your house to the van.We Will then separate into recyclable and general waste. If it takes more than an hour to load,e.g. we need to disassemble furniture then we charge an extra £30 per half hour.

Call 07731807528

We normally use Harefield tip for rubbish,9 lives charity if good condition furniture and age uk for smaller items,books etc.

We are based in the Watford area but also cover the surrounding district. After we go to the tip we get a receipt which can be produced on demand. We also of course have a trade waste licence.

We normally take photos each trip.For example.

Councils charging for DIY waste.Is it Legal?

Councils have tried to claim they are exempt from allowing DIY waste on their
sites without charging so the government has come to a compromise.

“Prohibition of Local Authorities using the general power of competence to charge residents at places where they may deposit household waste 3.—(1) A local authority may not, in exercise of the general power, charge persons resident in its area to— (a) deposit household waste at a household waste recycling centre; or (b) enter into or exit from a household waste recycling centre. Transitional provision 4.Where on 31st March 2015 a local authority is, in exercise of the general power, charging persons resident in its area to— (a) deposit household waste at a household waste recycling centre; or (b) enter into or exit from a household waste recycling centre the local authority can continue to do so at that household waste recycling centre until 31st March 2020.”

Councils have claimed DIY waste is not household waste but the Department for Communities and Local Government has disputed this and given until 31st March 2020 to start accepting for free.

Government legislation says

“(5)Subject to subsection (8) below, “household waste” means waste from—

(a)domestic property, that is to say, a building or self-contained part of a building which is used wholly for the purposes of living accommodation;

(b)a caravan (as defined in section 29(1) of the M1Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960) which usually and for the time being is situated on a caravan site (within the meaning of that Act);

(c)a residential home;

(d)premises forming part of a university or school or other educational establishment;

(e)premises forming part of a hospital or nursing home.”

Subsection 8 covers hazardous waste.

What is my interest in all this?

Many Councils have decided that if a householder pays a man and van to help transport household waste
to a council run rubbish tip then this waste has somehow become commercial waste and chargeable.As i
see it,as long as the householder travels in the van and at all times takes responsibility for the waste then
it remains household waste.

If you have been charged then please do complain to the council involved and then the ombudsman.
As far as i am aware this is free.

Please do comment on your experiences.

Fly tipping Maple Cross

Three rivers district council v Eferson Torres.

On 11th of May at St Albans magistrate court Eferson Torres,a rogue man and van
pleaded guilty to fly tipping on Chalfont Lane, Maple Cross Rickmansworth.
Judge Miller fined him £600 plus legal costs and costs for the clean up.

more info at https://www.streetlife.com/conversation/2shg7ga6eovlm/

The householder who paid for the rubbish to be tipped was from Moor Park.

No info on whether Mr Torres was licensed to carry waste.

Waste carriers public register here https://environment.data.gov.uk/public-register/view/index

Watford Rickmansworth rubbish tips for vans

There are two tips in the Watford area for local residents however if you need to go there
with a van then you need to apply in advance for a permit.

One rubbish tip is at St Albans Road,  WD25 0PR(north orbital rd) Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
All year 10am – 6pm. Saturdays (Summer only) 8.00am – 6pm

This site is closed Thursday and Friday

watford tip


The other tip is at Riverside Drive, Rickmansworth,Herts,WD3 1FS

Open Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
All year 10am – 6pm

This site is closed Tuesday and Wednesday

rickmansworth rubbish tip

I have heard of the odd occasion when vans without permits have managed to tip the odd item but don’t bank on it.