Watford to Milton Keynes man and van

Swb van

For just £90 we can deliver up to a dozen boxes and various items. Picking up in Watford and driving straight to Milton Keynes. Our driver will help to load the van and we would expect loading to take 15-20 minutes.
call George on 07731807528 for any Watford man and van quotes.
This quote is for a short base transit van and helping driver.

Watford to Leeds York Middlesbrough etc

I use a short base van or long wheel high top van. £300 for the short base van or £400 for the long base van. I help load and unload.

Good for small moves

The price quoted is for Leeds,Harrogate,York,Darlington,Middlesbrough,Hartlepool,Darlington etc.

Picking up in the Watford area around 9 to 9.30am it’s not unusual for us to be finished by 3pm.

Call or text George to book. 07731807528